Masuma ball joints have the most modern design — swivel joints made of the polyoxymethylene polymer (POM 500P). This is a highly crystalline polymer with smooth glossy surface, which is wear-proof, self-lubricating, oil-proof, and resistant to oxidation and staining. It’s notable for its high strength and persistence of its dimensions.

The metal parts of the ball joints are produced of the Cr40 alloy steel with mandatory quenching. A special technology of mirror processing ensures that the roughness of the ball pin surface doesn’t exceed 0.4 microns, and this notably expands the life of the swivel. The design and processing technology of the ball swivel guarantee that even in case of big angular loads the ball joint will not leave its regular seat.

Masuma is a world brand for spare parts, accessories and consumable items for cars. The main brand field is consumables for post-warranty service of the Japanese cars. The company strategy is offering the customers the best reliability and price balance for parts. All the products are produced at dozens of plants, located in East Asia, by the order, technologies and under control of the head company, which is Masuma Auto Spare Parts Co., LTD (Tokyo, Japan).

Masuma is een wereldmerk voor reserveonderdelen, accessoires en verbruiksartikelen voor auto’s. Het belangrijkste merkgebied zijn verbruiksartikelen voor service na garantie van de Japanse auto’s. De bedrijfsstrategie is om de klanten de beste betrouwbaarheid en prijsbalans voor onderdelen aan te bieden. Alle producten worden geproduceerd in tientallen fabrieken in Oost-Azië, in opdracht, technologieën en onder controle van het hoofdbedrijf, Masuma Auto Spare Parts Co., LTD (Tokio, Japan).