Masuma fuel filters efficiently refine the gasoline and diesel fuel and protect the engine, so ensure stability of its work. Masuma produces 4 types of the fuel filters:

  • In-tank fuel filter (submersible) — installed together with a gasoline pump, fully complies the specifications of the original filter.
  • Diesel fuel filter — used in the diesel car fuel systems, both for retention of impurities and separation of the water and paraffin wax.
  • High pressure fuel filter — used in fuel lines of injection gasoline engines. It retains grains even finer, than 0.1 mm.
  • Inline (low pressure) fuel filter — used in engine carburetors. It retains grains even finer, than 0.1 mm.

Masuma is a world brand for spare parts, accessories and consumable items for cars. The main brand field is consumables for post-warranty service of the Japanese cars. The company strategy is offering the customers the best reliability and price balance for parts. All the products are produced at dozens of plants, located in East Asia, by the order, technologies and under control of the head company, which is Masuma Auto Spare Parts Co., LTD (Tokyo, Japan).

Masuma is een wereldmerk voor reserveonderdelen, accessoires en verbruiksartikelen voor auto’s. Het belangrijkste merkgebied zijn verbruiksartikelen voor service na garantie van de Japanse auto’s. De bedrijfsstrategie is om de klanten de beste betrouwbaarheid en prijsbalans voor onderdelen aan te bieden. Alle producten worden geproduceerd in tientallen fabrieken in Oost-Azië, in opdracht, technologieën en onder controle van het hoofdbedrijf, Masuma Auto Spare Parts Co., LTD (Tokio, Japan).